Senior Thesis 2– Week 7: Senior Journal Sketches on “Intimacy”

First Senior Journal Thumbnails

Second Senior Journal Thumbnails

Third Senior Journal Thumbnails

Somebuilding to Lean On

Galactic Friendship

First Contact, First Date

Following the completion and presentation of my Senior Thesis Project, I was tasked with creating thumbnails and sketches for illustrations revolving around the theme of “intimacy” for this year’s annual Senior Journal (where work by seniors of the entire Illustration Department is showcased to be viewed by both the public and by art directors looking for fresh talent– this year, it’ll be printed in litho paper with a two color scheme: true black and Pantone red #032U). I challenged myself to envision “intimacy” in a very abstract or subtle fashion, as a way to stand out from the crowd and/or avoid appearing cheesy, derivative, or cliche with my artistic interpretation.

My thumbnails (first three pictures from the top) demonstrate a wide variety of ideas and experimental concepts– however, as I was told by my Professors to choose my three best ideas in order to create sketches for and present, I ended up really liking idea #3 (buildings leaning against one another as a gesture of romantic affection– thereby humanizing or animating the inanimate) and #12 (two galaxies holding hands sprouting from their spiral arms) on the first page of thumbnails, and the thumbnail on the second page (lower right, depicting a human and alien on a date– the alien humorously remarks she’s into “exotic” men after getting bored of her own species).

On presentation day last Friday, my ideas were subjected to a group critique, and almost everyone agreed that my second idea– the one with the galaxies– would serve best as my take on “Intimacy” for the Senior Journal, as it was very much a “poetic” statement on the nature of love and intimacy (something that is both personal and cosmic in scale– private yet far beyond oneself, esp. when it comes to true love). Since I was tasked with producing both an interior illustration for the Journal and a cover submission, I will be using my comic involving the two galaxies as a cover submission for the Journal, and one of my old works from past classes as an interior illustration that can be seen as “intimate”.

My next post will contain both my final version of my cover illustration (I will plan on using the Invert function on Photoshop for the galaxies, and color one of them red to allow for differentiation), complete with an auxiliary back cover, and which illustrations I have done in the past that I believe best depict the concept of “Intimacy”.

I’m super excited for how my work will turn out!

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