Senior Thesis 2– Week 9: Submissions to Senior Journal, MoCCA, Behance, and Covid-19


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After hours of hassle and difficulty getting the specifications and details for submitting my Cover and Interior illustrations for the Senior Journal Exhibitions this May, I finally managed to complete my Senior Journal project. Using Photoshop, I created two separate files that were black and Pantone Red 032U versions of my Cover and my Interior (original files) to be sent and printed out in the Senior Journal. I manipulated the channels, canvas size, and pixel resolution of each file, and messed around with the Duotone/Monotone/Grayscale settings to my files would come out correctly after being sent to be printed for the Senior Journal.

Before I concluded my Senior Journal project, I was asked by my professors to send a document with my personal and contact information alongside my files to Google Drive so the Illustration faculty could compile them. In the process, I was also told I needed to have a professional looking website outside of my Parsons Portfolio, so I quickly created a profile and account on Behance and uploaded a few artworks there, and customized the site to suit my interests (click on the link above to check it out). The site has its own avatar, and you can find all my contact information (emails, Vimeo, and LinkedIn included) there. However, it is still very rudimentary and will no doubt be modified to look great by the time I am finished with this semester and beyond.

The concept for the avatar– “Xenobard” combines some of my main interests as an individual:

  1. Green alien head = my endless fascinating with aliens, science fiction, the Fermi Paradox, etc. I am a huge believer in UFOs and the existence of intelligent life outside of Earth. It has to, considering how massive the Universe is, and how old it is in comparison to how long modern humans have been around (compare 14 billion years to a little over 10,ooo years, assuming we place the start of modern man at the formation of hunter-gatherer societies, and eventually the first permanent agricultural settlements, which brings us to Sumer).
  2. Bard hat = my love of poetry, particularly Shakespeare’s plays, Milton’s Paradise Lost, Dante’s Divine Comedy, John Keats’s Romantic verses, Poe’s stories and poems, etc.
  3. Long stache = a subtle reference to Salvador Dali’s own long mustache. Dali is one of my favorite visual artists ever– if not my favorite of all time. His paintings fall under the Surrealist art movement– my favorite art movement given its relationship to psychology, and its use of symbols, metaphors, analogies, Freudian thought, and political flirtations with anti-war views, Marxism and/or radical ideologies. I also love Yves Tanguy’s work, whose work also falls under Surrealism.

Regarding MoCCA, I am planning on submitting the original version of my Intimacy comic, alongside the cover or zine of my Heroshima Superhero comic to Pictozine Professor Jeremy Sorese so it can be approved for sale at the arts event later in April. However, given the threat of the coronavirus (Covid-19) to the United States and the New York, NJ area, I believe MoCCA (which is in April) and the Senior Journal event (in May) might have to be canceled– the former more likely than the latter, as the New School is beginning to transition all of its classes online and preventing mass gatherings so the virus does not propagate.

I myself have voluntarily chosen not to come to school this week, prior to Spring Break (while still keeping up with assignments), because I commute from NJ to NY on two buses (one to Port Authority, the other to 12th/14th street) and am thus at risk for contracting Covid-19 from mass transit. I would rather sacrifice my grades a little bit than risk my health and well-being, and possibly find myself being forced to self-quarantine, especially given how contagious this novel virus is. Thankfully, after communicating to all my professors my concerns, they all seem to understand my reasoning, and will not be holding my absences against me. Because of what I have already mentioned, I am both excused and justified in choosing to work from home rather than exposing myself to what is obviously a global pandemic, and therefore a national biohazard of utmost urgency. From now on and for the foreseeable future, I will be uploading blog posts from home, and doing work at home.

I hope the coronavirus situation improves– however, it will likely worsen before it gets better considering the state of the virus’s spread across most of the world’s nations. I cannot help but think the next few weeks or months are going to be difficult, and are going to truly test the strength, durability, and vitality of neoliberal capitalism, and all of human civilization, as the virus continues to claim more people and further erode the global economy and further frustrate global trade.

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