1.    In the first 10 weeks of the semester in Thesis 2, I accomplished: In the first 10 weeks of the semester, I get to examine and imagine a freshly developed concept in multiple different mediums. First, I tried an approach which was consisted of a sculpture, artificial lighting, and a steel frame. Later on, IContinue reading

Last 21 Days to Delivery Deadline: Week One : April 2-9 The camera will be delivered (Monday, April 2nd). Extra camera batteries will be delivered (Wednesday, April 4th). Pick up the TV (from Craigslist Sheri – Sony CRT 20”)+(before April 4th). Make design decisions for the sculpture. Order composite A/V cable (from Adafruit – orderContinue reading

Abstract; Nothing Gold Can Stay is an interactive multi-medium installation that conceptually references to the poem with the same title written by Robert Frost. By presenting the inevitable journey of life and offering the chance of pertaining to a golden moment, the artwork suggests the importance of appreciation in transient human lives. List of Equipment;Continue reading

Production Calendar for Last 6 Weeks. Week 1 (March 19 – March 25) Create 3D model of final installation space. Decide on the final materials for the installation. (TV, flower pots, flowers, watering bucket) Purchase an old Sony handicam camera Week 2 (March 26 – April 1) Record sunrise to sunset at a graveyard. (filmContinue reading

Nothing Gold Can Stay – Midterm Reflective The midterm critique helped me realize multiple defects that my project contains. After the constructive critique that was given by Justin and Roz I started planning on a newer and plainer iteration of my project that reshapes the entirety of the installation. Not the concept nor the contextContinue reading

The link contains the second draft for the film part of the installation. exportDraft2-1sp8f7p

The PDF contains every slide from the midterm presentation. Midterm-169m0j0

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