BFA DT Thesis Progress

1.    In the first 10 weeks of the semester in Thesis 2, I accomplished: In the first 10 weeks of the semester, I get to examine and imagine a freshly developed concept in multiple different mediums. First, I tried an approach which was consisted of a sculpture, artificial lighting, and a steel frame. Later on, I

Last 21 Days to Delivery Deadline: Week One : April 2-9 The camera will be delivered (Monday, April 2nd). Extra camera batteries will be delivered (Wednesday, April 4th). Pick up the TV (from Craigslist Sheri – Sony CRT 20”)+(before April 4th). Make design decisions for the sculpture. Order composite A/V cable (from Adafruit – order

Abstract; Nothing Gold Can Stay is an interactive multi-medium installation that conceptually references to the poem with the same title written by Robert Frost. By presenting the inevitable journey of life and offering the chance of pertaining to a golden moment, the artwork suggests the importance of appreciation in transient human lives. List of Equipment;

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