Last 6 Weeks Production Calendar

Production Calendar for Last 6 Weeks.

Week 1 (March 19 – March 25)

Create 3D model of final installation space.

Decide on the final materials for the installation. (TV, flower pots, flowers, watering bucket)

Purchase an old Sony handicam camera

Week 2 (March 26 – April 1)

Record sunrise to sunset at a graveyard. (film footage)

Design the structure that will be the base for the flower pots.

Week 3 (April 2 – April 8)

Paint the flower pots to gold color and add high gloss varnish.

Paint and finish the watering bucket

Week 4 (April 9 – April 15)

Purchase an old TV to have it as a screen to show the movie.

Build the structure that will go underneath the flower pots

Week 5 (April 16 – April 22)

Have mockup installations and see the look and feel. Last adjustments.

Week 6 (April 16 – April 29)

Final- final- final tweaks be ready,

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