Week 9 / Deliverables


Nothing Gold Can Stay is an interactive multi-medium installation that conceptually references to the poem with the same title written by Robert Frost. By presenting the inevitable journey of life and offering the chance of pertaining to a golden moment, the artwork suggests the importance of appreciation in transient human lives.

List of Equipment;


  – CRT TV with Composite A/V

  – Raspberry Pi

  – Composite A/V cable for Raspberry Pi (sold in Adafruit website)


  – Handmade wooden TV stand


  – Cradle with flower pot and baby rattle (one piece sculpture)

  – Flower watering bucket

  – Fast growing flower seeds

  – Soil 


(dimensions calculated for 27” CRT Sony TV)

  • Wooden box under TV; 40cm height x 60cm width x 45cm depth
  • Sculpture; 100cm height  x 80cm width x 45 cm depth
  • Carpet(to identify the installation zone); 190cm height x 140 cm width

Specific Requirements;

  • 2 AC outlets (1 for Raspberry Pi, 1 for the TV)
  • A spot where the installation can be exposed the daylight– so that the seed will actually have the chance to grow.


3D Installation Model(SketchUp);







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