how to: last twenty-one days of production

Last 21 Days to Delivery Deadline:

Week One :

April 2-9

  • The camera will be delivered (Monday, April 2nd).
  • Extra camera batteries will be delivered (Wednesday, April 4th).
  • Pick up the TV (from Craigslist Sheri – Sony CRT 20”)+(before April 4th).
  • Make design decisions for the sculpture.
  • Order composite A/V cable (from Adafruit – order before Tuesday)
  • Test the connection between Raspberry Pi 3 and TV.
  • Build a frame for the TV in order to create a seamless look and cover the damage on the right speakers (Wooden)

Week Two :

April 9-16

  • Shoot the film (possibly in Boston, MA) 
  • Montage and render the film.
  • Build the stand for the TV. (Wooden)
  • Start building the sculpture.
  • Work on the sculpture.
  • Compose music for the film. (Piano)
  • Search for a carpet.

Week Three :

April 16-23

  • Finish the sculpture (use wood finish –  varnish)
  • Plant flowers.
  • Finish the flowering bucket.
  • Work on the sculpture.
  • Search for a carpet.
  • Finalize everything.
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