Week 10 Assessment

1.    In the first 10 weeks of the semester in Thesis 2, I accomplished:

In the first 10 weeks of the semester, I get to examine and imagine a freshly developed concept in multiple different mediums. First, I tried an approach which was consisted of a sculpture, artificial lighting, and a steel frame. Later on, I re-imagined my concept as a three-piece installation which included a projector, a handmade golden frame and a sculpture as the base of the projector. Thirdly, I re-created my concept with using a TV, Raspberry Pi and a sculpture. But finally, the last iteration of the concept is a golden memories graveyard which is made out of concrete, wood, bottles, and flowers. Every person who shared their story will get a grave in the graveyard and they will get to show appreciation to their memory by putting a flower on their grave. The flowers will be placed in the bottles that they drink from while they were sharing their story that couldn’t stay golden on a one on one conversation.

2.    I feel that need more assistance with:

I believe that the only thing that I need more assistance with at the moment is the production phase of the installation.

3.   Comments on the studio? What is working or not working for you?

I really enjoy the pace of the studio, however, more peer critique could be useful. Also, less formal presentations and more informal feedback sessions since the beginning of the semester could be a good option.

4.  If you had the opportunity to change the studio, what would you change?

I would add activities that can increase the motivation of the students.

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