BFA DT Thesis Progress

This bibliography is based on a poetic computation project that is in progress for Parsons BFA DT Thesis I&II courses. 1- “A Brief History of the Chandelier.” Lights Online. Accessed December 24, 2017. http:// 2- Alberti, Leon Battista, and Rocco Sinisgalli. 2011. Leon Battista Alberti: On painting : a new translation and critical edition.

This five paragraph writing includes precedents, inspirations, elevator pitch, production calendar, and an overview of the Thesis I course.    About Thesis I; During the “BFA DT, Thesis I” course, by getting motivated from my emotional urges and family relationships- I decided to undertake multiple experiments that shaped around four materials. The core material for

Will; 1-2 Minute intervals TIMING is crucial. Ponyboy reads the poem. SOUND. How long would someone wait for this? Kait; All day= one cycle ideal concept Moderate If people leave == lack of appreciation Soundscape Michael; Budism Ancient Chinese Philosophy Existence 30 sec intervals If a tree falls in the forest == metaphor == Phenomenology

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