Bridge 3 Sketches

20 Sketches



1. The camera shoot the image from the woman’s belly. A doctor is trying to save the dying woman by doing an operation.

2. The viruses know they are found, so they are in a panic.

3. From their perspective, they see the shadow of the doctor. There is a semitransparent cell membrane between them.

4. They are not alone, there is a detractor trying to sneak in the room.

5. The camera shoot the environment inside the cell where the virus is living in.

6. The docter’s hand is full of the woman’s blood.

7. He tries to investigate the virus in microscopic level.


8.9.10. Because of the decrease of temperature, the viruses evolved.


11. 12. The environment of the operation room. The virus hacked into those electrical medical machine.


13. 14. The medicine has been cecretly changed, and the docter does not know anything.


15. 16. The pulse starts to decrease.

17. The docter is bewildered.

18. From the virus’ perspective, he sees a lot of his countryman (electrons and electromagnetic waves) are the labors of the human.

19. He tries to heck into the docter’s phone in order to distract him.


20. Other viruses successfully hack into the nuclear alarm system. Now the whole base is in chaos.


Performance Video

Halloween Parade!  I and my friend actually went on to the stage and interact with the actors!






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