Time Archive examples – Photo Grids

There are many examples of assembling images into a grid format.
The form has the advantage of giving a viewer a container to look at many images.
It also has the possibility of allowing multiple WAYS to view the images.

‘Windows’ by Sol Lewitt

Ed Ruscha – A page from “Learning from Las Vegas,” (1972), MIT Press.

The arrangement of images is a curatorial decision; how do you arrange the images spatially?
Choices are made that impact the way that a viewer moves through the experience and gathers meaning through juxtaposition.
Imagine hanging each image in a discrete frame. Placing it carefully to control visual impact and messaging.

Louise Nevelson (sculpture) Aaron Siskind (Photography)

Nan Goldin, ‘Thanksgiving’, Installation view, Saatchi Gallery, London, 1999


Color can play an important role in how we move across the plane.

Nan Goldin, ‘Empty Rooms, Berlin/Hamburg’, (1983-96)


The placement of elements can direct our attention and create
juxtapositions that create associations or a story

John Baldessari – External Gaze

The connection between the elements can create groupings of content.

Gilbert and George, Angry (1977)









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