Week 2 – 2/3 & 2/5

DUE Monday Feb. 3 —-

  1. Time of Day project ready for pin up.
  2. Time Archive – 36 images ready to use.

This week we will continue with the perception of time, but will also explore our individual interpretations of time. What images and experiences do you associate with time? The time Archive project begins as an image grid and ends as a book. Each explore the notion of time as a subject and the movement from a single image to a series of images.

  • Homework assigned on Monday 2/3
    Finish your 30″ x 30″ layout of the Time Archive. Due printed, trimmed and ready to pin up on Wednesday. Image Grid tutorial can be downloaded here.
  • Homework assigned on Wednesday – Create a draft version of a multipage “book” using your Time Archive as a starting point.
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