Week 5 – Sound and Time

(1) Observations from the Met Discussion poster HERE.
(2) READING: Michel Chion
(3) A fruit or vegetable
(4) an object that makes a pleasing tone.

Monday (Sound and Time)

  • Review: Time Archive books.
  • Introduce Project: Slow Change
  • References:  Michel Chion’s 3 modes of listening, City mixer
  • In Class Demo and work:
    Recording sound.
    Start Part one of Slow Change project.
  • Homework: Beginning Middle End

Wednesday (Sound and Time)

  • Due: Beginning/Middle/End
  • Listen:
    Steve Reich, Pierre Henry, Chris Watson, Alvin Lucier, John Cage,
  • In Class work:
    Audio and Adobe Premiere – edits
    Continue Part one of Slow Change project.
  • Homework:
    1. Create a 2 minute sound edit
    2. create a soundcloud account
    3. upload your edit to soundcloud
    4. Create a post on this class blog and add your sound there
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