Open Works Proposal #1 – Prince Lang

Proposal: Write Away Slave

My final project is going to be about time the one puts into making art that only exists in time. I will be making to pieces for my final project, a video of the process of making and recording a song and second the audible song. Time is such a critical part of the piece because my idea is to build the viewers anticipation of the song through the time.

I want long dramatic shots, time lapses, and color shifts. I want to build the tension to be released to a rapid fire song that will be hard to grasps because I have conditioned the viewer to watching  long drown out shots. The attended audience is fellow arts (especially music artist) to help them understand that even artwork that has a short durations can take a long time to produce.

The content will be the shots for the video and the lyrics for the song. The shots convey the idea that the song  took a long time to make and my motives behind my lyrics are why I put so much time in my songs. I have chosen this idea because I think my generation thinks things come instantly, that time is not involved, and when they do put in the time they forget to make the move of it.


1. Different way I worship

2.The process of making a song

3.Skating the entire island of Manhattan in two minutes.

4.How to do a tre flip

5.The process of taking a black and white photo

6.what does 24 hours of skating look like?

7. Dreaming

8. What is crowd surfing?

9.What does being a Christian 100% look like?

10.Getting lost in a museum


introduction to Color in Digital filmmaking

The evolution of Modern non linear editing

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  1. John Roach · April 22, 2014 Reply

    This project seems to be about perceived time both in terms of the perception of the person who creates, and the one who experiences the thing that is created.

    We need some more information here about the form that this might take. How will it become an installation? Would be good to think about how the project ca expand beyond the boundaries of the video screen and into the room.

    In the end too, the important thing is that we don’t get lost in the song, but instead see this as a meditation on time. Not easy!

    Someone that moves between the worlds of film, sculpture, installation that might be worth looking at is Matthew Barney. As symbolic and obscure as some of his work can be, it is does an interesting job making some of the film images PHYSICAL through the use of installation.
    Another person to look at is Doug Aitkin (especially Electric Earth

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