10 open works ideas- Dominique Clancy

  1. Create 4 videos of 4 different people (different races/ ethnicities) of them staring into the camera and create a space where these 4 videos are projected largely on each of the screens. These projections will create an uncomfortable environment that will skew one’s perception of time.
  2.  Create a large drawing of a women’s cycle of life. From birth, to childhood, to love/ hate relationships, to death.
  3. We live in the age of Photoshop. When something is not picture perfect, we upload that image onto the computer and modify it to our ideal. In particular, women face body image issues everyday from media to real life. I want to talk about these issues with a performance art piece that will ultimately result in a “tapestry” (a large scale canvas painting) of women imprinting their bodies onto this large sheet of canvas.
  4. Combine video and large-scale drawing by projecting videos over the drawing. I want to talk about the loss of innocence by drawing a child’s face and projecting a video that directly correlates with that shattering of nativity.
  5. Create a space in which time is not measured. A dark room with no visual but a 5 minute sound clip focusing on the sounds from everyday technology such as the sounds on of clicking keys on your computer keyboard or the sound of a phone. Basically, I want to create a terrifying sound clip from sounds of everyday technology.
  6. Film a person for an entire day and speed it up into a 12 minute clip (2 hours per minute).
  7. Create a film similar to short circuit project part 3 and 4 for me completeing a watercolor painting.
  8. Take photos of the same place 12 times in a  day and than print them largely and physically stitch them together.
  9.  Create my own clock with adobe flash. The numbers would be made from garbage.

10. Series of 24 photos where it goes from a self-portrait with no makeup to progressing into photos off too much makeup where it becomes too overbearing and repulsive. This idea would also talk about the social practices of makeup and all of the ideas linked to it. Also, it would also talk about body image in women.

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  1. John Roach · April 22, 2014 Reply

    As we discussed in class, i think the important thing here is to narrow in on a specific theme so you don’t get too broad. Find a specific topic related to body image and unpack it. It could be a specific site of that representation ( a magazine, a film, a neighborhood, a store, a painting, etc) and use it as a thing to PUSH AGAINST.

    We discussed some examples that you may want to look at that explore the idea of women and their role in media.
    Cindy Sherman
    Martha Rosler
    Joan Semmel

    Some others include:
    Dottie Addie
    Barbara Kruger
    Nancy Spero
    catherine opie
    Sylvia Sleigh
    Marlene Dumas

    So beyond the exploration of this as a TOPIC, the key here is also to think of it as an elaboration of and exploration of TIME. of some aspect of the way we perceive time, or a contrast between different kinds of time.

    Flesh this out in a more substantial proposal:

    Here’s the original instructions
    The project begins with a statement of purpose
    This is the what how and why of the proposal.

    What is the subject of your project? In other words, what is it about?
    How does the project propose to explore time? How is time a critical part of it? How is it meant to be experienced — Who is the project for? How does the context for the piece help to give it meaning?
    Why have you chosen this particular idea to pursue?

    Write a three paragraph initial proposal covering the What, How and Why of your idea.
    Posted this initial proposal to the blog with the following
    – initial sketches
    – relevant photographs
    – relevant research
    – draw connections to the Open Works examples posted on the blog

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