Open Works 10 Ideas – Alyson Cardenas

I want my main focus for the “open works” project to explore mind manipulation. A manipulation of reality. I was inspired by the psychology of advertising and subliminal messaging. I want to try and explore how sight and possibly sound can alter the way people feel and exist within time.

Possible outcomes for the project…

1. Have a set of headphones (noise cancelling) and blindfolds to cover the participant’s eyes. Play sounds through the headphones creating an alternate space within the participant’s mind affecting both their emotions and personal reality.
. Have a table set up with various colours of markers, pens, or pencils and a supply of paper. Play different genres or moods of music and ask the participant to draw what ever they like or feel. See varying results based on different music played.
3. Have participant sit in an empty room with one object in front of them. Tell them they are not allowed to touch or go near the object (all the while making the object seem fantastic). Sit for 5 minutes. Record successes and/or  failures.
4. Have participants sit in a pitch black/dark room with only a set of headphones (noise cancelling). Play different sound effects/music for each participant (varying from spooky to happy sounds). See how long they will sit in the room for (max 5 minutes). Record test and results (that the participant relays to you).
5. Same as above but with video instead. Using sound as a backdrop, images will flash up on the wall (from projector) based on the sound being played. (spooky sounds might have quick flashing images while happy sounds might have a continuance of non-edited film). Record test and results.
6. Create a few different videos (maybe 3) all evoking different emotions (happy, sad, scared) utilizing found footage and the editing style learned from the 6 edit project. May be accompanied by sound but not required.
7. Have a participant sit in an empty room with various sounds and smells pumped into it. Again, focusing on the reactions that take place and the emotion evoked. Record results.
8. Create a series of spoof advertisements for clubs and/ or products. Show to a few participants to see their reaction and if any emotions were changed because of the adverts. Record results.
9. Dress up in different styles of clothing. Walk around the city (maybe Union Square or Washington Square Park) asking people for their opinions on certain topics. See how they react to the questions and if my style of dress changes the answers or the willingness to participate. Record results in either photographic or video format.
10. Create a simple 10-20 question quiz containing simple maths problems or fill in the blanks. Have the participant wear headphones into which sounds/ different genres of music are played and see how long it takes someone to complete the test based on silence, loud noise, or calming music. Record results.

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