Open Works Proposal #1 – Alyson Cardenas

Initial Idea:
4. Have participants sit in a pitch black/dark room with only a set of headphones (noise cancelling). Play different sound effects/music for each participant (varying from spooky to happy sounds). See how long they will sit in the room for (max 5 minutes). Record test and results (that the participant relays to you).
5. Same as above but with video instead. Using sound as a backdrop, images will flash up on the wall (from projector) based on the sound being played. (spooky sounds might have quick flashing images while happy sounds might have a continuance of non-edited film). Record test and results.

For my final project I want to create a space in which the perception of reality of a participant is challenged. My main focus is aimed at evoking certain emotions through sound and video. My main inspiration for this piece was advertising and how images can change the way people feel about certain things. I also wanted to expand upon the feelings I was trying to evoke in my short change project? (The one with 6 different editing styles including the Kuleshov Effect).
I hope to explore how time can play a part in how we perceive our certain realities and how it can change the way we feel in certain situations. The project is open for anyone who wants to participate with my main goal being bending reality. The experiments will take place in a dark room with a set of headphones and a video montage. I’m thinking each experience will last about 1:00-2:00 minutes long (video and sound) and I’ll focus on three (or four) emotions: sadness, happiness, and fright (maybe love). These experiences should be recorded (maybe video) or through first hand feedback from the participants afterwards (on their feelings before, during, and after the experiment). I also want to play with different running times of each simulation seeing if the length of a piece will have an impact on how that piece is perceived.
Reality has always been of interest to me. I want to possibly pursue a career in the media (which I know is a broad statement) but the thing about media is they are always trying to make you feel and think a certain way. I hope to bring to light how images, sound, and space can come together to create a “new” reality that forces you to feel/think a certain way.

IMG_4978 <layout of my “reality room”derrenbrown<Derren Brown: illusionist (famous for “mind control” techniques and popular television shows). Olafur<Creating a certain feeling of a space: tangible, evoking emotion. (Olafur Eliasson)Olafur2 <creating a space that challenges people’s perception of reality: time and space. (Olafur Eliasson)Paul<again, creating a space in which perception is challenged. Using visuals and possibly sound. (Paul Pfeiffer)

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  1. John Roach · April 22, 2014 Reply

    Terrific job on this proposal! very well considered.

    I think you’ve set a challenge for yourself here, but that’s good.
    Consider the amount of CONTROL you have here. You are talking about a certain kind of manipulation and so you will want to be very specific about the kind of situation you create. This is about designing an experience and seeing the results.

    How will limited resources can some of this be accomplished effectively? that is a great challenge to take on.

    The Clockwork Orange reference is a good one. It would be good to dig a little deeper into other examples, both from art and cinema, but also science. What is the role of PRIMING? Behavior training? What are modes of “non physical torture” that our country uses in places like Guantanamo?

    You piece raises all kinds of touchy subjects, but that seems to be what you like to do!

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