10 IDEAS -Idil Diniz


1. I can make a costume that illustrates and when a person wears he/ she feels different stages of life with his/her body. Gaining weight losing weight, being a child, being pregnant, getting old all the stages ) as the garment changes shape.
2. I could illustrate with different social medias how social media grows with a generation. There are many social medias that were popular at the time and also there are certain social medias popular in certain countries as well with playing world map- space and social medias I can express time.
3. I could make a plant dress that grows on the body. And how the plant reacts with body.
4. I could shape a dress with different transparent materials such as plexi and tubing and send colorful gases into it and manage to cover the body of a person for a sort time and observe the different parts covered and how the gas disappears.
5. I can make series of dresses out of origami that gets more complex as the time progress just like decisions we give in life.
6. I could make a shoes that hurts someone once they wore it and force them to go to a certain direction and see what decisions they will make as the time progresses.
7. I could put the audience a dark room and by playing a video or only sound I could lead a person in different emotional stages we live in life letting the audience maybe connect such emotions with their own memories.
8. By using representation of time passing slow three lines and a cross usually done by prisoners and one who is trapped, I could cover an object or a place where time passes fast to indicate that fastness and slowness can exists at the same time.
9. I could use cocoons. They are traditional in my city. My city is on the silk road. Cocoon are made through the time. By using that I can make a dress out of cocoon and relate and compare the action of making dress to butterfly making a cocoon.
10. I can make a dress out of clay and see what kind of shapes does it take as the time progress and how does it effect the body such as getting heavier.
11. I take an object and put it different places in an empty white room and see how people react to it once it placed in a different place and maybe make a map of human walks in the room out of it to create certain interesting patterns.
12. I can project a video and images on a model so that the dress become alive and I will connect both the video and garment component.
13. I can create an interior space where people can experience the time period a baby spends in mother’s stomach.

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