10 Ideas Lucy

Time and body:
•time through the medium, use paint or something to cover a body, and time it
•use the body in different ways to show lapse: playing music, dancing, yoga. Record this and the movement in video, record in other ways, have fingers move on paint
•follow Scott, learn more about his live from a body view, interview and document
•some sort of self portrait video, like the nylon series
Time and:
•transition- looking at the slow change project, trying to find the transition within the human form and our day to day
•food- document the making of food and use editing to make it seem either fast or slow
•phrase- “watching paint dry” “apple a day” use this to inspire a video demonstrating the interests in that phrase. find time related phrase
•waiting- in line for the dr, waiting for the train, elevator. capture this abstract action in a way that makes it have more action
Time and Language:
•document a conversation, separate audio from video, splice back together
•make an alphabet, have people learn it like rorschach, or like zoohphonics
•make up a series of numbers and have people do abstract math

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