Creative Works Project #1 – Christina Allan

The subject of my creative works project focuses on memory, the actual act of remembering, its flaws. I would like to make my project emphasize how often our memories are mistaken, and our minds let us down. Factors such as traumatizing events, denial, change, or age can affect memory. I find memories and time fascinating. Things such as deja vu, and repressed memories fascinate me the most.

This project explores time because memory is essentially a timeline of events in your life that stay with you. They can be small events or large events. They can be personal memory, or collective memory. These can be images, sounds, or smells. I want this project to be experienced as a video with sound, rather than something 2d. I want the video to explore and show the chaos and complications of different memories. I want to show the complications and flaws of memory through computer glitches , errors in the code of an image. I would like to create a video of multiple of these glitches images to represent certain memories, by messing around with the computer codes myself. The project is intended for everyone, as I’m sure we have all experience difficulties with remembering things at certain points in our lives.

I have chosen this particular idea to pursue because I find memory fascinating, and have experienced trouble remembering things myself. I have at times questioned the truth or existence of a memory in my head. Were they true, or something I simply dreamt? I still don’t know. Also, for me personally, I find that a lot of my childhood memories are fuzzy and it’s even hard to remember much from my childhood. I find this odd, but it’s something I definitely want to explore.

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