Reflection on Grace Paley’s “Traveling”

As everyone looks up to the people they respect and love, I believe that Paley easily resists the injustices of segregation because she had an example when she was young. On the bus ride to Richmond, Paley’s mother stood up for injustices of segregation in front of her children even though it may have been dangerous for them. Those moments in life are what shape a person.

Birth to adolescence is when children are the most malleable. It is the time when beliefs, morals, and identities are molded. Even though the Paley’s were white and had a Jewish background, they experienced Anti-Semitism. Paley depicts herself as a “stranger” because she was a female student in school among the gentile. Those obstacles and injustices made Paley more aware of social issues, take action of injustices of segregation, understand others, and be not afraid of different.





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