100 Images Recollection: Memories of Abu Dhabi

  • Being in my room made me realize my past memories
  • The cities I’ve lived previously felt as if the city was faster than my thoughts. Then living in Abu Dhabi, my thoughts were faster than the city and I had a lot of time to think.
  • Thinking in my bedroom in Abu Dhabi made me realize how my thoughts and actions were so fake in Seoul.
  • The bedroom is such a fake place to me because it is a place where people stay to feel comfort but when I first moved into my apartment on the 49h floor of abu dhabi the large room felt abnormally bigger, I felt paranoid and lonely while laying on the bed
  • Nothing about living in Abu Dhabi felt real and genuine.
  • I found these images on my phone and some on the internet.
  • People perceive living on the 49th floor of Etihad Towers as a luxury, mellow, exquisite lifestyle, yet everything is fabricated.

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