REBAG Project


For this project, I used plastic bags that I have collected from Target, Marshalls, CVS, and various other stores that gave me plastic bags. 25% of this project, I had the option to use other materials to transform my reusable bag. I used duck tape inside to hold the bag together, but I wanted to use less of other materials and use mainly plastic bags. I felt like if I tried to cover up the plastic bags with paint or other materials, it would defeat the purpose of using plastic bags.


I was deciding on whether I wanted to create a portfolio bag or tote, and decided on a tote because I thought it was more functional for the future projects for Sustainable Systems.



I used an iron to fuse the plastic bags together, and duct tape to put my bag together.


The plastic bags that I gathered for the REBAG Project, and I cut the top and bottom to have big pieces of plastic.


I placed a piece of brown paper over the plastic bag to fuse three plastic bags into one.


Then with the three layers I fused into one, I made three of them and created one big piece.



For the handles, I fused three strips of the Hangaram plastic bag. I had a hard time keeping the strips together straight, so after i finished fusing them together I used scissors to make them even.


I then folded the fused plastic bags in half to create the seams for the bag, and I used duct tape to put it together. I accidentally cut the size of the bag too small, so I attached extra pieces to the bag.


With the strips of plastic I made handles with, I fused them onto the bag to make straps for the tote bag.


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