Bridge 1: Artifact of a “True-False” Place

High Above Reality

To represent my distorted reality of Abu Dhabi, I used my broken camera lens as an object as part of my sculpture. I took apart the lens and used the intricate fragments to create an alignment of parts. For the sculpture, I used a focusing ring, reflector lens, focal length indicator ring, and interior zoom ring part. From the side of the sculpture, it is a row of camera parts on thin metal rods aligned. Then from the front view of the sculpture, the four camera parts come together resembling one lens. Looking through the aligned lens’ there is a distorted view of Abu Dhabi at the other side of the sculpture where a slideshow of pictures of my bedroom view plays that represents my past memory of Abu Dhabi. However taking a step back and not looking through the lens, you see a normal, comfortable, and the present of how I view Abu Dhabi. I used white cotton balls to resemble clouds and to show how I am comfortable with the view. As well as how I do not perceive the view as negatively but more positively. The rods represent the stiffness of my fake memory and how it is connected to the distorted reality versus the comfortableness from the cotton. Photography has been a tool that has helped me to take a step back from my life and see things from another perspective. The object that moved into the room with me was my black wide angle and telephoto lens, Tamron 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD. I had bought this a year before I moved to Abu Dhabi, and brought it around wherever I went.

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