Bridge 3 Making the Hidden City Visible: Brighton Beach

For the Bridge 3 assignment, we had to collectively work together as a group to create bi-fold newsprint where we incorporated our articles that we wrote in seminar. The neighbourhood that we explored was a neighbourhood called Brighton Beach located right next to Coney Island in Brooklyn. Brighton Beach is a neighbourhood with a large population of Russian and Soviet immigrants where there is a high appreciation for the arts and culture. Brighton Beach is a small beach town neighbourhood with its own distinct character, and where the arts and culture stay alive. Originally known as the “Little Odessa” which was named after the port city on the Black Sea in Ukraine, it is a “tight-knit” Slavic community with a large number of residential buildings. Compared to the next-door neighbourhood Coney Island and Manhattan, Brighton Beach is much more easygoing and locals live at their own pace. The residents of Brighton Beach routinely contributes to the making, looking, and buying art. The group for this bridge assignment consisted of me, Ani, Wayne, Ethan, and Rachel.

For the design aspect of this assignment, we all mutually agreed that we wanted to create a newsprint that resembled a local newspaper. Brighton Beach was a neighbourhood that was genuine and was a place that was portrayed in the media and internet as it was. Our goal for this newspaper was to keep it simple and clean. I believe that we successfully achieved this as a group. My role in this group project was a photographer. I took around a 100 photos at Brighton Beach with my DSLR, and uploaded them to Adobe Lightroom to edit them.

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