Precious Cargo

For the “Precious Cargo” assignment, I had to effectively package and work with shoppers to shop a fragile object which was a raw egg. I researched multiple ways that I could efficiently ship the raw egg. I first used a hot glue gun to create two cubes of different sizes for extra protection for the egg.


I first wrapped the egg in paper towels, and stuffed cotton balls inside the smaller box. For the space in between the two boxes, I stuffed the sides with newspaper and paper towels for more cushion and to have the least air between the eggs. The two boxes that were used for this assignment was in the classroom was untouched for more than a month, so I used them as my shipment boxes.


Then to seal the two boxes, I used duck tape to keep the box together.


Using an old Amazonn package and newspapers I had, I wrapped the box with it.

The final outcome of my precious cargo is below. At the UPS store, I had bought another box to ensure the safety of the egg. The final price of my “Precious Cargo” assignment totaled up to $15.63.

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