Bridge 3: Neighbourhood Map

For the Bridge 3 Neighbourhood map, I wanted to created a simplified map that was easy for people to read. In this map, I highlighted the arts and culture that is relevant in the Brighton Beach neighbourhood area. The arts and culture is not as up and going as Manhattan; however, it is very prevalent. The culture at Brighton Beach thrives in its shops, restaurants and stores serving traditional dishes, and streets filled with colorful Russian characters. For example, at Brighton Beach the Master Theatre provides spacious venues for performances. Similar to the Lincoln Center in the city, the Master Theatre is one of the most renowned and iconic places for performing arts. At the Studio Fine Art Gallery, local artist Michael Korosty mostly sells his own work as well as occasionally selling other artists’ works. The Rock Faces area unknown who created them; however on the beach there are big rocks with carvings of faces that resembles masks.

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