Bridge 4: Project Statement

For this Project, I chose Jim Henson, an artist that I am not so familiar with as the “writer” of my journal. Researched on his life and works, I found him to be a very practical persons which is relatable to me. So I chose to imitate a “real” sketchbook that he would have in his early ages. I was interested in the process of how did he come up with the idea of puppet shows, so I focused on the time 1950-1955, when he starts to have the idea of working in the television industry to the beginning of his career as a puppeteer and artist.

Final Project

From this sketchbook, we can see and feel the events that Jim Henson had gone through during those years: how he managed to get a TV, how he started working at a TV Station, how he become interested in puppets, how he created the puppets, and how his life begins. It managed to create an old sketchbook’s look and feel, so that the audience could feel more related and really understand his life at the time. His experience also tells us that if we are interested in something, we should try our best to learn and experience it.


Tom's learning portfolio

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