DRW: Signs and Symbols

  1. Silver/ color

For me, the color silver can represent meanings that extend to different shades and degrees, self-control, hi-tech and scientific insight

it has the values of illumination and refection but also has the sense of  melancholy   and lifeless

I feel deeply connected with the color silver because it shows me other side’s of personality that different from my artificial persona

I feel the color silver always help me to calm and have a quiet time with only myself

2.  Dried Branches / Thorns / Thistles


I was always amazed by the “Le Buisson Ardent” story in the new testament

the bush was on fire but was not consumed by the flames

I feel such strong characters in some way connected to my spirit

I hope in my heart, the love, and passion will never be consumed












5. Garbage / Invisibility

Sketches + Reflections









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