Taylor Swift’s new song connotes Kanye

Taylor Swift is suspected of using the current song “Vigilante S**t” which connotes reality TV
stars Kim Kardashian and Kanye  divorce.

On October 21, the 32-year-old Taylor Swift’s brand new
album Midnight arrived as promised, and fans listened repeatedly, trying to decipher the lyrics and
uncover hidden messages, with the eighth song, “Vigilante S**t,” drawing their particular

Just 2 minutes and 44 seconds long, the song has a revenge theme as Taylor Swift reveals
that she ended their marriage by sending hard evidence of her husband’s cheating on her to the
woman. Fans suspected that the couple was none other than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, as Taylor
Swift has a lengthy history with the Kanye-West couple.

She sings in the song, “She needs brutal
irony, so I let her get an envelope. Who do you think gave it to her?”

Some associate it with this
year’s 4 February. Kim Kardashian left the company with a large, mysterious envelope and a somber
face. Until now, no one knew what was inside the envelope or the identity of the sender, but fans
believe Taylor Swift apparently hinted that she was the originator.

“Now she gets a share of the
house, gets the kids, and the glory, imagining me and your ex-wife on good terms”. Kim Kardashian
and Kanye split a $60 million mansion in Hidden Hills, bringing their four children with them after
their split.

“She was giddy in your Mercedes and dressed up for revenge afterwards”, Kim Kardashian
said in a Vogue interview in March this year, when she showed her famous car, saying the Mercedes-
Maybach S-Class was one of her favorites. A few weeks later, she and her young boyfriend, Davidson,
went out for a drive in a Mercedes-Benz, making their relationship public for the first time.

believe that lyrics are coincidental when they match reality once, and clearly deliberate when they
do it three or four times. “One hundred percent about Kim Kardashian, exactly like her experience”,
“The ex-wife in it is definitely Kim Kardashian”, “Is this Taylor and Kim Kardashian uniting to
take revenge on Kanye? ” , “Taylor and Kim Kardashian became friends, isn’t that revenge on Kanye?”

Kanye west’s net worth 2022

On October 25, Adidas announced the termination of its partnership with Kanye and the immediate cessation of production and sales of the Yeezy line, a move that will hit the company’s net income in 2022 by around 250 million euros.

Forbes says Kanye’s net worth valuation has also dropped from $1.9 billion to $400 million as a result. This remaining $400 million worth comes mainly from real estate, cash, music royalties, and a 5 percent stake in his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s Skims.

Adidas said it would terminate its partnership with “Kanye West,” and the Yeezy product line also stopped production and sales. Adidas shares fell 9 percent, and Kanye suffered an even greater financial loss.

That’s because the Adidas partnership accounts for the vast majority of Kanye’s disposable income and the vast majority of his wealth valuation. Then when the news came out, Forbes decided that Kanye could no longer be included in the Billionaires list.

The move comes after Balenciaga and Vogue also announced they were ending their partnership with Kanye, the artist’s agency VAA announced it was terminating the contract, and lawyers pulled the plug on the relationship. In addition, shows have been canceled and documentaries shelved. It should be mentioned that Kanye’s career as an entertainer is over, and it’s hard to turn it around.