Kanye’s album “DONDA‘’

There is no rapper whose reviews are more polarizing than Kanye’s, and his album “DONDA” is the best example of that.

Just when everyone thought Kanye was going to continue to miss his contract, his tenth solo album, DONDA, came out of nowhere. The album, originally scheduled for release on July 24, 2000, was delayed for over a full year, and it took three demo sessions to finally see the light of day.

‘’Donda “was extremely significant for Kanye. It was his tenth album, and in Western culture,” ten “symbolizes” revolutionary “and”historic “. In a sense, this was Kanye’s answer sheet for the first half of his life, graded by everyone who listened to the song. The album’s title was taken from his late mother’s name, Donda West, so this was an album that could not fail in any way.

The whole album was divided into two parts with the pleasant “Moon” as the dividing line. The second half of the album, “Heaven and Hell”, “Keep my spirit alive” and “Jesus Lord” seem to summarize Kanye’s life experience in recent years.

From a commercial point of view, “Donda” was undoubtedly a successful album that had topped Apple Music in over 150 countries worldwide .

But the media had not been kind to him, with the British newspaper The Independent giving the album a score of 0 out of 10, calling it a self-hating, illogical piece of work, as the album was peppered with people accused of abusing women and spreading bigoted rhetorical hate ideology.
Kanye had set a record of nine consecutive albums that had topped the charts, and “Donda” was writing proudly on the Billboard album chart, the rap album chart, and the gospel album chart. Most importantly, it’s a very serious album, named after his late mother, with reminiscence as the central idea, rather than a love letter to women.