“Powerball” lottery

Powerball jackpot falls short again! The jackpot has now accumulated to $800 million, the fifth highest in history.
The latest Powerball lottery draw took place October 26, but the jackpot has once again fallen short.

The shortfall means that the already high jackpot prize of $700 million will continue to accumulate, reaching around $800 million by the next drawing this Saturday. If the eventual jackpot winner chooses to pay a lump sum rather than in installments over 29 years, the winner will receive roughly $383.7 million after taxes.

Yesterday’s winning numbers were 19-36-37-46-56-24 and the player had to match all six numbers to win the jackpot, which had a 1 in 292.2 million chance of winning. The jackpot has fallen short since August 3, when 36 consecutive drawings were held without a winner, growing the jackpot to the fifth-largest in U.S. history. The largest lottery jackpot to date came in 2016, when three winners took home a whopping $1.586 billion in Powerball prizes.