Double Portrait of an Artist: Henrique Montesanti


To Henrique Montesanti, art is a hobby. He comes from a family of artists who disguise their passion for art with practical careers. Most of them became lawyers and only dedicated themselves to their art when they earned a substantial amount of money. Henrique plans to follow suit, except he has chosen a more creative career: architecture.

However, Henrique’s true art is photography. To him, photography is everything – literally. Henrique shoots a wide range of subjects, from fashion models, to landscapes, to everyday life. His motivation is to fill his own aesthetic need and escape reality. He shoots whatever he desires, even if it is client work, because his photography has to be up to his standards. Henrique photographs for himself and intends to keep it that way.

He doesn’t want to turn photography into a career because he is afraid of losing the pleasure of being an artist.  If he were do what he loved as a career, his relationship with photography would lose its luster. He would no longer be shooting for the right reasons; he would be shooting to financially support himself.  When Henrique shoots, he experiences break from reality, but if he were to begin to depend on his photography for money, then photography would become a part of reality. To him, photography isn’t an obligation. It is a means of escaping obligations.

“Found” Poem


So… I come.

I have untouched beauty,

I am mostly great.

My family is a funny thing,

They make all the money.

In the future,

I escape obligations.

I break the drive to work.

I’m shooting.


I’m good at this.


Jumping off cliffs.

Fighting obligations.

Taking people.

I don’t care about family.

I have a need.

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