Reflection on Tea Ceremony

1) What was for you the most inspiring part of the tea ceremony?

The most inspiring part of the tea ceremony was how much thought and training goes into performing a tea ceremony. It is truly a special ceremony because it takes years to perfect the motions of tea making.

2) How did you experience Japanese culture during the participation of the tea ceremony?

The ceremony was performed for many centuries in Japan, and even though the ceremony we experienced took place in New York, it felt like we were transported to Japan. Every object from the tea ceremony was either from Japan or made elsewhere by someone Japanese.

3) Were some parts of the ceremony familiar to your own cultural background or quite different?

The tea and the snack reminded me of my Vietnamese upbringing. In Vietnam, tea is served in a similar manner (nothing added to it), however, there isn’t an elaborate ceremony. The snack reminded me of a snack I used to eat when I was a child that had a very similar texture and color.

4) Do you think the manner in which Souheki prepares and offers the tea can be considered a form of art?

Yes, it is definitely a form of art. There is a lot of thought and meaning that goes into tea ceremonies. And because each of Souheki’s tea ceremonies are unique, each one is a different work of art.

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