Space Changer: Intimacy

Plaster Object



Space Changer



Our concept is a warm and cozy fall-themed experience, inspired by different cultures. The course is casual and communal, as everyone sits on the floor. Each person pours themselves a serving of Mexican hot chocolate into a Chinese teacup and can garnish their drink with assorted toppings. The hot chocolate, seasoned with cayenne and cinnamon, warms each person up.

Blankets hang from the ceilings and the floor is covered in pillows in order to condense the space so that everyone is close together. The lighting is dim and there is sensual music playing in the background. There are candles and twinkle lights. The room smells like Christmas trees and chocolate. This is a first date.



Although we ran into a lot of difficulty and had to make a lot of changes, overall the project went well. Our objects were too heavy to hang so instead, we put them on the ground so that people would be more focused on each other than what was above them. We also decided to put the menu card on one of the plaster objects which turned out to be a great idea. It was also difficult for us to find Chinese teacups so we ended up using regular cups, and the room was already really hot so people weren’t necessarily being warmed up. However, people talked to each other and had fun, which is what we wanted to happen. Everyone was relaxed and intimate.

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