What is Barnes and Nobles?

As one browses through Barnes and Noble, they are bombarded with uniform signs that read “Best Sellers!” and “Trending Toys”. There are trinkets and books based on characters of their favorite movies and are currently on sale. They have an urge to buy everything, even though they don’t need any of it. The message I found is that Barnes and Noble knows how to pressure consumers to buy their products.

Firstly, they use labels to attract customers to the product. “Best Sellers” and “Trending Toys” triggers FOMO – the fear of missing out; customers are pressured to buy a book because everyone else has been reading it and they want to know why. And when a whole section of books are marked as “Bargain”, customers are drawn to buy the product because it is marked down and it is their last chance to get it. All the labels are used to provoke a sense of urgency. Customers feel the need to get the book or toy right away because it will either be obsolete or sold out by the next time they return to Barnes and Nobles.

Additionally, there are a lot of branded products at Barnes and Nobles, especially in the children’s section. When children see branded toys and books, they ask their parents for to buy it for them because they see their favorite superhero or princess. For adults, there are autographed books, which are signed by famous authors and celebrities. Even if they are not avid readers, adults and children are pressured to buy the books because there is a subject of interest in them; for a child, it’s Kylo Ren and for an adult, it’s Kelly Clarkson’s autograph. The familiarity of the subjects of the products make non book worms feel comfortable in a bookstore.

Finally, when customers are waiting in line at the register, there are small, cheap products along the aisle of the line. Since they’re already in line to pay, they don’t have time to think over the product, so they rely on impulse and buy it because it’s cheap and already in their hands.

The message that Barnes and Noble knows how to convince their customers to buy their products is important because a lot of people fall for all of the exciting labels on the signs and the books, even if they just walked into the store to peruse. Considering the points above, people can become more aware consumers and decide for themselves what they need to get.


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