What location did you visit for your visual research and what did you find?

I visited the New York Aquarium and beach at Coney Island. At the aquarium, I found fish and at the beach, I found lots of trash.

How did the locations (museum/gallery/etc.) you visited expand/broaden/deepen your understanding of your topic? (this includes: visual, contextual, historical, material based, etc.)

Inside the aquarium, the fish and their habitats were vibrant and colorful. There were many signs that educated guests about aquatic systems and how they needed to be protected. It was clear why those signs were necessary when I exited and walked along the bleak beach. It was filled with trash, despite the fact that there were very few people there. Visiting Coney Island helped me understand the impact of tourism on the ocean and the current conservation efforts.

List the symbols, metaphors and visual references you put in your taxonomy and explain how/why they are relevant/important to your topic.

  • Trash or Coral/Fish? : In my drawings, some of the subject matters are more apparent than others. I intentionally drew little details in the drawings to represent the perspective of the aquatic life. There is so much trash in the oceans that animals are confusing trash for food.
  • Ocean : I am focusing on the destruction of the ocean for my project.

What did you learn from Monday’s peer review about your taxonomy that was new or helpful?

The group found my research to be very literal, which was interesting because I didn’t see it like that. They also found that the lack of photographs of fish was dark and represented extinction, but I was just interested in the shapes of fish.

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