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Material Research -Architectural Glass

Vanessa Nefve

Beau Rhee

Sustainable systems

Material Research

Architectural Glass

Architectural Glass is mainly used as a building material, most commonly used as a transparent glazing material (ex: windows). Architectural glass is not only beautiful but it is incredibly strong as well as safe. Architectural glass has a long lasting life cycle and can be recycled as well as made out of recycled products. Architectural glass also has the ability to be energy efficient. Architectural glass is made of  Sio2 (Silica Sand), Na2O (Sodium Oxide), CaO (Calcium Oxide), MgO (Dolomite), Al2O3 (Feldspar). The earliest forms of Architectural Glass were made in Rome and were far to costly for the average person so only the most important buildings and churches had Architectural glass. Architectural glass has become a very heavily used material that is used all over the world and is manufactured everywhere. Architectural glass has the ability to be made into all types of things such as windows, showers, and railings. Recently designers have started to create walls almost entirely out of architectural glass.

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