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Studio- Self evaluation

– Is my point of inquiry clear? What am I actually trying to do?

I believe my point of inquiry is clear. I am trying to create an outfit of empowerment as it relates to the history of powerful women which allows me to make something that is delicate and powerful.

– Is my idea strong?

I believe I have a good concept and with further research, it will be stronger and more elaborate.

– Is my inquiry in-depth enough to build and sustain a whole project around?

Yes because there is much to look into throughout history for examples such as wardrobe of witches, queens and female leaders in order to look at the similarities and meanings behind their clothing.

– Am I challenging myself? Or, am I playing it safe?

I am definitely challenging myself with this project. I am using all new materials and techniques on a project that is very time consuming and requires a lot of expertise.

– Am I able to accomplish what I intend within the rest of the semester?
I believe if I stick close  to my timeline I should be able to accomplish this project although I understand that with every project there are unexpected issues that will arise and I really believe I will encounter a few along the way.

– Is the studio work I am planning on making distinctly tied to my research? How is my research for Seminar fueling my studio inquiry?

Yes, the two are related although my studio is a bit more personal. My seminar project allows for further research into the history of women and their clothing.

– What is the connection between my proposal and Visual Culture?
My proposal goes hand in hand with visual culture for example in fashion, politics, and all of female history.

– Why is my project important/relevant?
This is important because it is something I have been wanting to do this for a long time. This will teach me how to use new materials and technique as well as planning for a large project. It is relevant because this topic of the public shaming of women has been repeated throughout history and not acknowledged often enough.

– What materials am I using? Have I used them before? Is it possible to learn new techniques effectively in time to complete the project?

I am using all new materials for me: tulle, satin, buttons, gauntlets, ribbon. I believe that I will be learning with every step of this project but I believe I am giving myself time and have done lots of research so I will be prepared and able to complete it in time.

– Am I excited about my project?

Yes, I am very excited and inspired by this project but I am also very nervous that I won’t be able to accomplish it in time.

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