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Bridge project 4

This is the current progress that I have made. I have made a mock version of the dress out of canvas.


After this, I modified the patterns so that they were more to what I have envisioned in my mind. I then moved on to experiment with sewing a more difficult type of fabric.  I then cut out new pattern pieces and cut them out on tulle. I am now working on the final bodice of the piece with tulle. It is a bit difficult to see in the picture because the yellow fabric blends in against the dress form. I have also pinned, folded, and pressed the tulle to create the pleats I want around the bust of the dress.

I have gotten all the tulle, satin and boning that I will need. My next step will be to finish sewing the new pattern pieces of tulle to complete the front portion of the bodice and find a way to place the boning on the garment so it doesn’t rip the fabric and aesthetically looks nice on the dress. I have also received the pattern I plan to use for the bottom portion of the dress, For this, I will need to modify the pattern pieces to fit the style of dress I want. Another obstacle that I need to find a solution for is how to create the back of the torso so that it is sturdy enough to contract to the body because my original design will not be possible as the fabric is too delicate and will rip.

this is also difficult to see but this is how I plan to layer a portion of the fabric. (Again I apologize that it is difficult to see because the mesh fabrics blend into the color of the dress form) But it two layers of a light yellow tulle and a mesh fabric that has golden sparkles on it.

Here are more photos of the fabrics

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