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Japanese tea ceremony reflection

What was for you the most inspiring part of the tea ceremony?

The story behind the tea ceremony really warmed my heart, it really showed how respectful the Japanese people are. It was more about the moment that you have with people and putting all negativity aside to enjoy moments with others.

How did you experience Japanese culture the participation of the tea ceremony?

I believe they were really able to demonstrate the respect that people show towards one another by how much care is put into one cup of tea.

Were some parts of the ceremony familiar to your own cultural background or quite different?

This is quite different but in France people often spend time together at Cafe’s and over an espresso take this time to be away from their lives and spend a moment with another person.

Describe the atmosphere you experienced  during A) the preparation of the tea and B) the sharing of the tea

The preparation of the tea was amazing to watch, She took so much time to prepare each cup, even the selection of the bowls was specifically planned. The sharing of the tea was also very heartwarming, the tea was warm and discussing the tea bowls and tea was almost a form of being able to let go of thinking about life outside of the tea room.

Which elements do you think contributed to the atmosphere in the room during the ceremony?

-The insense she had burning

-the unique and beautiful bowls

-her kimono

-her calm and relaxing voice

-the taste of the tea

Do you think the manner in which Souheki prepares and offers the tea can be considered

an art form?

Yes I do believe that it is an art form because art is all about evoking feelings in people and  Souheki was able to make everyone in the room thinking about all the cautious in their lives and just be able to enjoy a moment with everyone else in the room

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