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Personal Project: Dining with Demons

The inspiration for this image is the concept of God as similar to that of a broken vase; each fragmented piece is still a part of the vase, just as we, God’s creations, are each a piece of God. We are each connected, like the pieces of the vase. No matter good nor bad, we are all one. Therefore, attempting to change others starts with reflecting on and changing ourselves. This piece was designed to represent the fragmented variations that reside within of each of our personalities. Within each person can be found the good, the bad, the often victimized, the racist, the slut, the conservative, the judged, and the judgmental. I chose the concept of a dinner party because it is when we sit down “at the table” to confront ourselves, we will be able to move forward. It is essential to acknowledge our various personalities and face them rather than suppress or deny them.

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