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Personal Project: Fusion

The concept behind this piece is that all living beings were created by the universe and are all a part of it. I believe there is beauty in the interconnectedness of living things with the Earth. The form of the subject’s body conveys a sense of surrender to the Earth. The contrast of brightly light subject with a dark backdrop adds visual interest. The texture of the clothing also combines with the texture of the trees to enhance the visual appeal. The composition of this image creates 2 circles: the tree trunk along with my arm, back, hair and the vine and the position of my body. To create this image, I used a remote, which I hid behind the tree trunk and used my pointer finger to push. Although I was using natural light as my main source of light I also used one studio light in order to accent the shadows on my body and frame the subject. Lastly, I used photoshop to give the appearance that my hair and the vine were becoming one, giving the illusion of “Fusion.”

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