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Love Witch

Artist Statement

Throughout history, there has been a continuous thread of branding and exiling women

throughout the ages. The terms may be different but the meaning behind them and the power they conjure

is the same. Terms like Witch, Slut, Bitch all of these terms are those that are derived from fear and

ignorance and looking at how powerful women have been branded and exiled in the past we can break

down current gender discrimination. In order to ostracize people a common method of branding and exile

is used; naming them a damning term and then allowing for them to be scapegoated and turned against.

We see this very frequently in cases used to strip women of their power and equality.

In the movie The Love Witch, the director takes the term “witch” as a form of empowerment.

The love witch explores female fantasy and the repercussions of pathological narcissism. As beguiling as

she is treacherous, Elaine is a villain we can’t help but root for no matter how twisted she gets. With

themes of feminism and exile, the meaning behind this witch character is far deeper than what meets the

eye. While the main character is far from a good person and leaves a string of victims behind her how the

film portrays her has us on her side. Inspired by the main character Elaine I photographed this character to

makes her seem loveable and in a way that was not typically photographed.

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