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Wandering, Studio Final

Project overview:

Final Project, Open-ended; Use six rolls of film and show at least 8 prints. The concept is of your choosing.


Artist Statement

Earlier in the year, Dannielle gave us the assignment to go out on our commute and

shoot. I instantly didn’t like the assignment because it was hard to capture something that felt

like me. At this point, I came to realize that I didn’t know what exactly I was interested in or

fully understand my style of photography so I decided to take this as a challenge in order to see

what I am drawn to in an environment that I can’t control and without a concept or story being

told through the images. I decided to challenge myself to just go out in the world and find what

spoke to me. This style of practice is a technique that is called the “Theory of Derive” (Derive

being french for drifting). The theory is one or more persons during a certain period drops their

relations, their work, leisure activities, and all other usual motives for movement and action, and

let them be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there. After

finishing shooting I assessed the photos I took and realized I gravitated towards nature, glowing

lights, detailed architecture, glimmers of light. This led me to look at what elements overlapped

in my photography and what others in class had said they saw and it hit me that unknowingly I

have been gravitating to an art nouveau style.


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