Bridge One and Reflection

Vicente Vilar




I remember going to the beach barefoot and burning my feet on the way there because of the flaming hot ground.


I remember the smell of sunscreen lotion on hot summer days.


I remember the taste of fresh coconut water by the beach.


I remember the sweetness of a pumpkin and coconut popsicle.


I remember the relaxing sound of the waves crashing.


I remember diving into the cold and refreshing sea after sunbathing .


I remember Sofia and Amanda, my best friends at my beach house.


I remember listening to our favorite band, The XX, on a speaker every night that summer.


I remember waking up to the sound of cicadas singing in the morning.


I remember carrying a 35mm film camera around to take pictures of my friends.


I remember reapplying sunscreen lotion three times a day because the sun was too strong.


I remember watching the pink sunset from my bedroom window.


I remember using salted water from the sea to do watercolor paintings.


I remember cooking burguers with my friends at night.


I remember not having to worry about either school or work, because I was on vacation.


I remember the feeling of freedom during those summer days.


I remember being excited to wake up every morning, even though I didn’t know what I was going to do that day.


I remember playing hide and seek with my little cousin.


I remember counting the stars at night with my friends.


I remember riding my bike.


I remember falling off of my bike and hurting my left leg.


I remember panicking for thinking I broke my leg.


I remember my mom panicking concerned about it.


I remember going to the doctor and finding out everything was fine.


I remember meeting all my friends at the same bar in downtown everyday.


I remember going to clubs in my hometown, Vitória.


I remember dancing a lot there.


I remember listening to my all-time favorite songs.


I remember being a dj at my favorite club.


I remember falling in love, also at a club.


I remember watching a lot movies just for the joy of being together with someone I love.


I remember being confused about my feelings for him.


I remember accidentally skipping breakfast for sleeping to much.


I remember reading a book, a romance, “Call Me by Your Name”.


I remember eating lasagna every weekend, a tradition back home.


I remember car rides around the town with no exact destination with my friends.


I remember having ice cream at least three times a week.


I remember taking a walk by the sea listening to music everyday, which helped me feel relaxed.


I remember going to concerts almost every weekend.


I remember being really happy with everything happening in my life.


I remember eating food I have craved all day.


I remember finding a song I was looking for a long time.


I remember taking unnecessary naps in the evening, because there was nothing more important to do.


I remember my dreams.


I remember my goals, becoming a successful artist.


I remember being accepted to Parsons.


I remember hanging out with my friends like I was never going to see them again.


I remember being upset, I was afraid of the new experiences I would have to face when moving to another country.


I remember getting tired of all the things I used to enjoy doing.


I remember getting anxious, for the same reasons.


I remember feeling heartbroken for having to say goodbye to so many people I care about.


I remember saying goodbye to places.


I remember saying goodbye to people.


I remember breaking up with the same guy I fell in love seven months before.


I remember pain.


I remember crying a lot.


I remember feeling lonely.


I remember suffering for all that was going on.


I remember saying goodbye to someone who I don’t know if I’m ever seeing again, my ex.


I remember trying to express my feelings into art, is a way to make me feel better whenever I’m not feeling ok.


I remember thinking that all the pain I was going through was for the best.


I remember trying to take care of myself.


I remember working on my mental health.


I remember therapy sessions.


I remember long philosophical conversations with my therapist.


I remember long philosophical conversations with myself.


I remember feeling like I was not capable.


I remember feeling useless.


I remember trying to help someone even though I needed help.


I remember going back to the beach to try to feel more relaxed.


I remember getting frustrated because nothing could calm me down.


I remember panic attacks.


I remember being desperate for change.


I remember moving to New York.


I remember meeting new people.


I remember meeting new places.


I remember a plot twist in my life.


I remember hanging out with my new friends.


I remember thinking about my future and my biggest dreams.


I remember being able to smile again.


I remember that everything should be just fine, as long as I know I’m in the right place, doing what I can to pursue my dreams.


I remember feeling happy again.








The bridge one project was a very beneficial project for me,  I could explore my own memories in a more romantic and nostalgic way to try to summarize them in short sentences. Definitely, some of the most interesting skills I learned were certainly using sensory information to communicate an experience made me think of parts of those memories I didn’t even know I was able to remember. Using my own memory as an inspiration for a creative project was also interesting because it’s good to think about past memories and see how they feel, feel them enough to translate them into just a few works for a project. It was equally fun thinking about specific details to provide context necessary for the reader to understand and idea. Nevertheless, there were some skills that were more challenging to develop, such as using specific information and descriptive words instead of vague statements, and after done with my first draft, editing through adding, subtracting, moving, and replacing text.

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