Bridge 2 project

Sharon, my partner, is a very sensitive person, she talks a lot of how hard was her background story back in China, how hard it was and how she didn’t feel like she belonged there, all of this sums up on here desire to create her own world, her own fantasy that she can space to. We can see a lot of this thoughts in some of her favorite artists, like Van Gogh and Gauguin, that seem to depict reality in a different, more fantastic way.

Based on that, I decided to work on a painting that would represent one of these fantasy worlds that she creates in her own mind.

I did the first quick sketches and compositions with colored pencil and pens, because it was what I had at the moment at class, that way I could think about what would be the composition, the elements and the color scheme I wanted to work with.

As I analyzed the sketches I made, I thought about doing a painting of a fantastical landscape, that decision came from wanting to experiment with acrylic paint and mainly from knowing that that would be the better media to use for doing what I want.

I looked back into my references, the artists she likes and the pieces that she chose from MoMA, between them, Monet and Van Gogh, being the chosen artwork “starry night”. Having the references stated, and knowing what I wanted to convey through the painting, I now started doing color tests with acrylic paint and watercolors, changing the media made me want to do some changes in the composition to, the way I worked with the colors and how they looked together made me have a clearer view of what I wanted the final product to look like.

I was able to show my sketches and my tests for different colors, compositions and painting styles to other people and to my partner to get to know which one it’s better and which one most fits my ideas and intentions for the piece.

Some of the sketches I did weren’t conveying the idea of a light in the middle of darkness and the contrast that I wanted to depict, so the feedback I had was definitely very helpful so I could make better choices for the final version of the piece. Not only that, but I was able to check with my partner what she liked the most in terms of color scheme and compositions, to I could do my best on doing something that she would appreciate, as this is supposed to be a gift for her.

I finally was able to do the painting just as I wanted to, and for that I used fluid acrylic paint. For the presentation, I decided to put it in a “lightbox” type of frame, so it gives it a more intimate feeling, and it also conveys an idea of it being her own little portal to her fantasy world.


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