Bridge 3 project

For this project our group had the idea of representing each person interviewed through different suitcases, filled and decorated with not only stuff that they would carry on an everyday life, but things that represented their memories and the subjects discussed on the interviews.
I was in charge of doing three of the suitcases, there are closeups of them on this post. Respectively, the first one was George, the little house represents his childhood house, he really likes playing cards and that’s why I included them, each one has a different drawing of his favorite places around the world, there are also some pieces of vintage paper with advices he gave to us, I also did his portrait and included objects that he would use on a daily basis. The second one was Benjamin, he works on theater plays that talks about societal issues such as depression and suicide, he also had a fan and was sewing while he was interviewed by us, that’s why I included those objects on the box. The last one was Sofia, a proud Brazilian who loves her culture, she’s a photographer who has makeup as a hobby, the pieces I chose for her were following these information.

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