Process Documentation of Bridge #2

    1. What are you curious about on the journey? And why?

I’m curious about the way I feel throughout my journey. It amazed me when I stopped to realized how much walking this path calms me. What has been catching my attention lately are the various and impressive shapes of shadows that are projected in the building of stuytown.

    1. What feelings are conjured up when you are on that journey? Explain those feelings.

I feel inspired. Walking this path usually puts me in a state of spirit that I’m calm enough to pay attention to details and signs, that usually inspire my creative process and therefore my artwork.

    1. What memories arise for you?

The memories that come to my mind are from when I used to think I would never make it to New York, or if I did, I’d be alone and frustrated. The sensation of being here and being handling things well is very satisfying, specially when I acknowledge that I have people by my side who I can count on. 

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