My process during the Make-a-thon involved making printmaking samples using a monotype print technique, even though I got some interesting results and tests on calligraphy, the overall lesson learned was that I should maybe try another type of printmaking in order to guarantee more success on my final piece for the project. Other than what I learned with my personal experiences with the prototypes made, it was interesting to make art in a room full of creative minds focused in their own projects. I felt a consistent creative flow, that was probably coming from the creative energy surrounding that collaborative work space, even though each person was focused on their own personal work. Being able to share results was also an enriching experience, it’s always nice to get feedback and other perspectives and opinions on your work, and it’s comforting finding similarities in other people’s creative process to your own. The Following steps to my projects will be trying new types of printmaking or even other interesting ways of making an artwork with written language.

These were my results:

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