Work in Progress

Since last week I analyzed that I didn’t really had a reason why I was working with printmaking, I decided to take a different direction on my making process. Since my research has to deal with definitions, titles, context in art, it dialogues with gallery/museum plaques, so I decided to make something like it. I’m still maintaining the original idea of working with text, but now I cleaned all the aesthetic/visual information that didn’t have a reason to be there. As for the content, I still wanna work with the idea of the artwork as the judgement of a critic.

In conclusion, I’m not satisfied with my results now, I don’t feel compelled by working with a type of media and a visual aesthetic, that I feel no connection to. I feel like if I stick to my aesthetic lineage I’d be able to have more success. I also realized that I’m being too restrictive on trying to make the artwork be a representation of the research paper, and I think I have to switch that mindset to see both as separate works that are in conversation.

The next steps of my research are limiting my resources and choices on the visual aspect of the piece so it looks more like something I would do as an artist. This might take some reflection on what I have done, what contexts I’ve worked with, what materials I’ve used, and how these can connect with the research I’ve been working on.

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